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We’re very pleased to present the latest addition to the Spitfire team and you’re invited to join him for the first edition of ‘Fun & James’ on Sunday evening (16th April 2017 from 7-9pm).

Mike Atkinson has been in broadcasting for over 40 years as ‘Mike James’ and has now joined the Spitfire team for a weekly Sunday evening show.

Mike started his radio career in the Royal Air Force, presenting on the Aden Forces Broadcasting Service in the Middle East, as well as UK-based Radio Watton and Finningley Broadcasting Service.

Mike also enjoyed a very brief stint on Radio One before following a career in human resources.

He was a founder member of Care Radio and has over 21 years experience on hospital radio. Mike has also been responsible for writing and producing radio plays in addition to writing his own column for a local newspaper in the middle East.

He is also a lyricist and believes songs should be listened to for their lyrics as well as the melody.